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Professional headshot photography with a friendly, affordable service, tailored to you.


Having your headshots created can be expensive and stressful. But at Expert Headshots I make things easy and fun with a high quality service to suit your specific needs.

In a visual world, a great headshot can do wonders for you or your business. Whether you need an Actor Headshot, a Business Headshot, something for your LinkedIn profile or headshots for your entire team or company, a professional photograph showing you or your staff at their best can help you connect with your target audience and build engagement.

From making a great first impression on a website to building a sustained online profile through your own social media channels, a great headshot can be the most important part of your marketing toolkit.

If you need a particular 'look' or style or if you'd like me to match an existing website design just let me know.​


Expert Headshots can solve your problems. Just ask.

use your headshots anywhere

your 'team' web page
business cards
iPhone 'Contact Posters'
e-mail signature
profile images
speaker info packs
Team headshots

 the studio space 

In a comfortable home Studio Space in Croxley Green, with parking available for up to two cars, Expert Headshots sessions are easy, fun and pressure free, with professional advice beforehand on what to wear and how to prepare, in order to achieve the headshots you want. 


Before your session we'll have a chat and I'll guide you through the process, advise you on what colours and types of outfit to bring, jewellery and make-up and give you some other tips on how to prepare for the day.

Throughout the session itself, I'll guide you to get the very best images of you.

If you're not used to being in front of a camera, don't worry...I'll help you along the way with your pose and expressions.

Choose your favourite images in your own time and once you let me know which ones you've chosen, I'll get to work producing your finished images, gently retouching them where necessary to show you at your very best. Never overdone...always natural looking.

Headshots and portraits of an eldery man